Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Framework Tender Update

I-Flair is a consortium of housing associations in East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire. The current members of I- Flair are Barrhead, Bridgewater, Cloch, Ferguslie Park, Linstone, Oak Tree, Paisley and Williamsburgh Housing Associations. I-Flair is currently procuring a Four Year Property Maintenance Framework Agreement. Award of the Framework Agreement is anticipated by August 2020 and the requirements will primarily be delivered across East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire.

Contractors interested in bidding for the Framework Agreement may record their interest on the Public Contracts Scotland website at;



The Four Year Framework Agreement consists of ten individual Lots of planned maintenance works and services incorporating;


  • Lot 1 – Roofing and External Walls
  • Lot 2 – Energy Efficiency, Renewable Technologies, External Wall Insulation and Internal Wall Insulation
  • Lot 3 – Windows and Door Replacements
  • Lot 4 – Kitchen Replacements
  • Lot 5 – Bathroom Replacements
  • Lot 6 – Central Heating
  • Lot 7 – Gas Servicing
  • Lot 8 – Landscape Maintenance
  • Lot 9 – Electrical Maintenance and Installations
  • Lot 10 – Painting and Decoration


The closing time/date for submitting a tender is 12.00 BST on Tuesday 21st July 2020.


Meet the Buyer and Contractors Workshop Events

i-Flair’s had intended to hold  ‘Meet the Buyer’ and ‘Contractor Workshop’ Events at the Tweedie Hall, Linwood during the tender period. However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Meet the Buyer and Contractors Workshop events cannot be held in person as originally intended.

The Meet the Buyer event will now involve a Powerpoint Presentation and a YouTube video which will be uploaded to the Public Contracts Scotland Contract Notice as additional information by Monday 29th June 2020 and can be downloaded by bidders.

The Contractors Workshops will be held by Zoom hosting on Friday 3rd July 2020. Bidders that are interested in participating in the Contractors Workshops should register their delegate names and email addresses to Alan Shanks of A.D.A Construction Consultants at alan.shanks@ada-cc.co.uk not later than 17.00BST on Wednesday 1st July 2020.

An email providing the Zoom hosting access details and agenda for the Contractors Workshops will be provided to registered delegates by Thursday 2nd July 2020.

Bidders are advised that the number of participant delegates from each registered bidding organisation will be limited to two persons/email addresses.

Both Events will be free of charge and the ‘Meet the Buyer’ shall provide further information through an overview of the framework, i-Flair's aspirations and a summary of the procurement process. The ‘Contractor Workshop’ will provide in-depth information on how to complete the tender documents and submit a bid through the Contract Notice.